All Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows 8

Windows fans using latest Windows 8 OS will be glad to know that there are more than 50 keyboard shortcuts available. Touch input devices are all very good, but the keyboard can also get things done faster. No need to use mouse too. If you work with the keyboard a lot, you will find these shortcuts really useful. And even if you don’t use the keyboard that much, you will find that you can get things done a lot quicker with these shortcuts.

This will especially help new Windows 8 users, because a lot of things have been changed in this reconstructed version of Windows, and it could be a bit difficult to find the thing you’re looking for. So here’s a big list of Windows 8 shortcuts.

Shortcut Function
Windows Key Open Start Screen
Win + C Open Charms Bar
Win + D Show Desktop
Win + E Open Windows Explorer (My Computer)
Win + F Start searching for a file
Win + H Share
Win + I Go to Settings
Win + K Go to devices
Win + L Lock User
Win + M Minimise all windows
Win + O Lock the screen orientation
Win + P Open Projector options
Win + Q Start searching
Win + R Run
Win + T Set focus on taskbar
Win + U Open Ease of Access center
Win + V Cycle through notifications
Win + Shift + V Cycle through notifications (backwards)
Win + W Go to settings, and then focus on Settings
Win + X Quick links
Win + Z Open App bar
Win + 1-9 Go to app in the taskbar indicated by the number
Win + , Peek at desktop
Win + . Snap metro app to the right
Win + Shift + . Snap metro app to the left
Win + + Open/zoom-in magnifier
Win + - Zoom-out magnifier
Win + Esc Exit magnifier
Win + Enter Open Narrator
Win + Space Switch input language and keyboard input
Win + Tab Cycle through metro apps
Win + Home Minimise all non-active desktop windows
Win + Page Up Move start screen to left monitor
Win + Page Down Move start screen to right monitor
Win + Pause/Break System Properties
Win + Left Arrow Snap desktop window to the left
Win + Right Arrow Snap desktop window to the right
Win + Up Arrow Maximize desktop window
Win + Down Arrow Minimise/Restore desktop window
Win + Shift + Up Arrow Maximize desktop window vertically
Win + Shift + Down Arrow Minimize/Restore desktop window vertically
F1 Windows Help and Support
F2 Rename Item
F3 Search for file or folder
F4 Display item in active list
F5 Refresh
Ctrl + A Select all
Ctrl + E Select search box
Ctrl + N New Window
Ctrl + Shift + N New Folder
Alt + Tab Switch between desktop apps
Ctrl + Esc Start Screen
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Task Manager

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